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Engineering Recruitment Agency

We are a leading engineering recruitment agency connecting businesses with engineering talent across many different industries.

    Specialist Engineering Recruitment Agency

    We are a specialist engineering recruitment agency. There are many unique challenges in engineering recruitment and we can help clients with complex engineering hiring requirements.

    We offer tailored engineering recruitment services to support organisations with a variety of engineering recruitment requirements.

    SEEDREC are experienced recruiters with an in-depth knowledge of the engineering industry. It is our job to help our clients identify candidates with the right skills, qualifications, and technical expertise. We have helped companies hire mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, as well as specialists in niche engineering fields.

    Choose SEEDREC – An Specialist Recruitment Company

    SEEDREC engineering recruitment consultants are part of a network of engineering professionals. We can work with hiring companies to hire engineering talent across a range of industries, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, software engineering and energy engineering.

    Our screening processes make sure we save our clients time and money when it comes to finding people with the right technical skills, industry knowledge and experience. As a leading engineering recruitment agency, we do our best to provide a great service the people we work with. We have successfully placed engineering professionals in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, automotive, aerospace, energy, and technology.

    Specialist Engineering Recruitment Agency

    As a specialist engineering recruitment agency, we can offer recruitment solutions that will make sure our clients find and hire the people they need. We have engineering specialist recruitment consultants who speak with professionals with many engineering specialisms. Our position in the engineering recruitment sector puts us in a great place to connect people with companies who need their skills and experience.

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