What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing where an organisation outsources its recruitment activities to a third party.

RPO is a comprehensive solution that can encompass all or part of an employers recruiting function. However, RPO can work in different ways depending on the hiring company’s needs. For example RPO can be a full-service solution, where the RPO provider takes care of all recruiting activities, or it can also be a partial solution, where the RPO provides only specific recruitment functions.


Why Should Employers Consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

There are many reasons why companies use RPO. Firstly, it allows companies to utilise the skills and experience of professional recruitment companies. Such organisations usually have specialist skills and insights that help them operate in the competitive world of recruitment. Also, having access to the methods and processes that recruiters use can be incredibly valuable to employers and organisations seeking to attract new talent. This is because RPO partners are happy to share the tips and tricks of the trade that help them achieve results in the competitive world of recruitment.

Secondly, RPO allows employers to build a resource base that can help them hire new staff over time, as opposed to using a recruitment agency solely to fill specific vacancies. This can be very beneficial for companies who are growing quickly or are facing high staff turnover. It can also prove to be invaluable for candidate-led markets, where skilled professionals are in high demand and there is a lot of competition between employers in a particular sector or organisation.

Thirdly, RPO can be used to supplement an existing in-house recruitment team. This can help to ease the workload in HR department, and in many cases the RPO provider will be able to work with existing in-house teams to refine recruitment process to make them more efficient and effective.

What RPO Services Do We Offer

SEED Recruitment can tailor RPO services to suit our client’s requirements. Over the years we have helped find recruitment solutions for a wide range of companies. We have outlined some of our core RPO services below.

Recruitment Marketing

Posting job adverts can be a great way to cast the net; however, there are many guidelines to recruitment advertising. We can help organisations create engaging marketing materials that can help employers increase application rates and improve the quality of candidates who are applying to their vacancies.

Employer Branding

Employer branding can make a world of difference when it comes to finding and retaining staff. Our benchmarking services can help organisations understand how they compare with other employers in the same space. We can then work with our clients to improve their employer brand to promote the organisation as a great employer.

Candidate Management

There are many software packages that can be used to manage candidates through the recruitment process. Our team have experience of many different candidate management platforms. We provide our clients with a user-friendly applicant tracking system to track candidate applications through the recruitment process and store personal information in a safe and compliant manner.

Recruitment Processing

Candidate experience can be critical to attracting new staff. We work with our RPO clients to help them streamline their recruitment processes. This can involve a suite of measures that are designed to improve the efficiency of the recruitment process, at various stages of the journey from posting a job advert to the time of hire.

Why Choose SEED Recruitment As Your RPO Provider

We have vast experience of recruitment and have a proven track record of helping companies attract talent. Working with us as an RPO provider means employers can benefit from our knowledge and expertise to help them sustainable success as a hiring organisation.


Contact SEED Recruitment

If you are interested in finding out more information then we are happy to discuss your requirements. SEED Recruitment offer RPO services at competitive rates. We also have many free resources that can help hiring companies to improve internal recruitment functions. In addition to RPO, we can support companies with our headhunting and contingent recruitment services where required. Contact us to see how we can help support your recruitment needs.