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Recruitment Marketing Services

Recruitment marketing services can help companies attract and hire the best talent. We work with our clients to create engaging and impactful recruitment marketing campaigns.

    What is Recruitment Marketing?

    Recruitment marketing covers many techniques and strategies aimed at increasing the visibility of an organisation to prospective employees. Recruitment marketing can reduce the costs of recruitment, decrease the time to hire, and improve the early stages of the recruitment process.

    We like to focus on finding the best ways to attract, engage, and nurture talent before they apply for a job (known as the pre-applicant phase of talent acquisition). We use our knowledge and expertise to find the best way to engage the right people. This will usually include some of the following:

    Research and Discovery

    The first stage of any recruitment marketing campaign is research and discovery. It is important to define what outcomes a marketing campaign should generate and then work out how to produce the best results. No two recruitment marketing requirements are the same, so research and discovery helps to focus the recruitment marketing campaign for maximum impact.

    Employer Branding

    Employer branding is about being a great place to work first and foremost. Then it’s about finding ways to showcase things like company culture, values, and work environment to potential employees. Having a reputation as a great employer is a bonus when it comes to talent acquisition. Employer branding can really help companies promote themselves to help them attract great people.

    Recruitment Advertising

    Job advertising is a great tool for employers who want to attract new staff. It is important to create engaging job adverts and make sure they are placed on the right platforms to reach the right people. This might be on job boards, social media, or even in print or broadcast media. Recruitment advertising is always something to be considered in talent acquisition strategy.

    Candidate Relationship Management

    Maintaining relationships with potential candidates can be a great way for employers to engage talented people beyond the typical application process. Keep in touch with candidates who have been through the interview process and not quite made the cut. People progress over the course of their careers, and reaching out periodically could help secure great employees.

      What Recruitment Marketing Services Do We Offer?

      Our clients tend to come to us with unique recruitment marketing requirements so we tailor what we do to help them create impactful recruitment marketing campaigns.

      We believe recruitment marketing strategies should be formed around data and insights. That’s why we like to get stuck in to things like competitor analysis, benchmarking and keyword research. Spending time to understand what is going on helps us to identify the best ways to give our clients the edge.

      We can help with a wide range of recruitment marketing requirements, including creating marketing materials, recruitment advertising and employer branding. Our team is more than happy to discuss how recruitment marketing service can support scaling companies, so speak to us today for more information.